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16 May 2014

Registration New Open - Peto Museum Workshop - Nov. 8-9

My 2-day November 8-9 workshop at the Peto Museum is now open for registration. The Peto Museum is an amazing and inspiring place, and space in this workshop is limited.

You can read about my workshop last year at the Peto Museum, including my thoughts on painting Peto's own still life objects in my still life set up (pictured right).

Register today to reserve your spot.

In this workshop, I'll focus on how you can strengthen your approach to painting and your internal painting dialogue so you’ll have positive painting experiences. My perspective balances all there is to love about painting (a LOT!), with what I have identified as the most universally challenging aspects of painting. Read more here.

If you're interested, these photos and the video below give a glimpse into the vibe of my workshops:


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