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22 April 2014

Golden Series: Three Pears (Asian, Bosc, & Bartlett)

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Thinking About Food (in honor of Earth Day)
Last June, I shared a bit about the significant impact that a raw food e-course had on me and my painting work. More specifically, starting on the raw vegan path made me feel like I had woken up to new pathways of creative energy within myself and deepened my relationship to my still life objects in ways that I did not expect or imagine.

Now almost a year later, this week I'm again looking forward to Viva Institute's e-course 30 Days Raw -- and this time I'll be taking it as a refresher. If you're at all curious about raw food, I will say that I personally think it's amazing ("raw-mazing") and life-changing. I highly recommend 30 Days Raw; if you approach it with a sense of wonder and curiosity, it is really a blast. For fun: in the picture above is my own homemade beet/carrot/chard juice (L) and carrot/chard juice (R).

Golden Series
Since I introduced the series in August 2012, I've been periodically making paintings that are part of what I refer to as my Golden Series. This is the second Golden Series painting I've done lately, although I am often thinking about the works by Dutch painters Rachel Ruysch, Caspar Netscher, and Abraham Mignon (all of which I studied at the Uffizi in Florence).

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Happy Earth Day,

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