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18 April 2012

Clementine from a Bologna Market (Italy 2012 painting #3)

4 x 3.5 in., oil on linen on panel
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This is my third painting from my trip to Italy last month. I made this painting shortly before going to the Accademia and Uffizi in Florence for the day, and I got this particular clementine a couple of days earlier while in Bologna to visit the Morandi Museum (which I will post about soon). At the time, I posted about the wonderful market owner in Bologna (click here to view us). So fun, and such beautiful produce!

First, at the Accademia, I spent time drawing from Michelangelo's David. I had not planned on doing this, but in the moment felt compelled to do more than look at the figure. (my sketch is pictured right) Next, at the Uffizi, I just tried to absorb as much as I could: a female portrait by Piero de Pollaiolo had a lapis lazuli background that rivaled the sky I saw above the Duomo; Albrect Durer's portrait of his father; Vasari's masterful painting of a velvety patterned dress in Portrait of Eleanora di Toledo; a Titian-influenced Self Portrait by Velasquez; the feathers in Goya's portrait of the Countess of Chinchion; and the Frans Van Mieris il Vecchio's interior and still life paintings that just made my jaw drop. Then, I turned a corner in the gallery, and three Rembrandt self portraits literally made me gasp. Finally, it was the still life paintings by Dutch painters Rachel Ruysch, Caspar Netscher, and Abraham Mignon that filled me with the most energy. I may need to devote a whole post just to those paintings.

During my trip, I posted about all of this very briefly on Facebook, and my mom commented, "It's your heritage." :) I am proud to be part Dutch, and would really like to go to Holland someday soon.

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Here's what this painting would look like framed: