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20 November 2013

A Pair of Sardines, Barcelona, Spain (+ Spain travels and photos)

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As I mentioned yesterday, I recently returned from traveling and painting in Barcelona and Montserrat, Spain. Yesterday I also shared A Pair of Sardines, Barcelona, Spain on my easel. I got the sardines from Barcelona's Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria (La Boqueria), which was one of my favorite places in Barcelona.

After I came home from Spain, my dad reminded me of a photo of sardines that his friend, poet Bob Lax, took and sent to him. I dug it out of their amazing box of letters (which I shared about here), and this is it. On the back of the photo, Lax wrote to my dad: "a big day!" I assume it is his lunch!? [P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad!]

I began posting snapshots from my trip on facebook, so join me there. Among other things, tonight I added photos of A Pair of Sardines, Barcelona, Spain on my easel, my smelly adventures in La Boqueria, and a neat view of my silhouette (while painting) from the street below the flat in Barcelona. I'll add more photos tomorrow, but you can see my snapshots here.

I have three more Barcelona paintings, which I will continue posting tomorrow.

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