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31 July 2012

Two Figs with Tenmoku Ink Bottle No. 2 & Time Lapse VIDEO

Abbey Ryan painting
4 x 6 in., oil on linen on panel
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I really enjoy painting the gesture of figs, and I wish they were in season longer. As a next best thing, though, I made a fig painting time lapse video. Click here to watch it

This video is unusual for two reasons:

  1. It's in real time, not compressed (also look for the little surprise after the credits);  
  2. It's a family collaboration with my talented musician-cousin, Colin Ryan. Colin wrote, performed, and recorded the original guitar piece "And This is the Attic" to accompany my demo in this video. I think his piece is fantastic, and I really hope you enjoy it, too. Watch the video, and then please leave a comment to tell us what you think of it.
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Abbey Ryan painting