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30 April 2012

Italian Lemon with Leaves (Italy 2012 painting #5)

Abbey Ryan painting

4 x 5 in., oil on linen on panel
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This is my final still life from my Italy trip last month. In the afternoon on one of our last days there, I walked to the market around the corner and found these beautiful freshly-picked lemons with long, glorious leaves. Back at the hotel, I set up the lemon in a spot by a window and painted the fleeting afternoon light. When I was finishing up the painting, it was dusk and I could barely see anything. :)

I have to say -- I don't mind when that happens because it always reminds me of my time studying with David Leffel and the almost smoky late-afternoon north light in the studios of the Art Students League of NY. (I should post about that sometime....)

If you missed my last email, I posted my photos from Italy (click here to view them). I've really been enjoying all of your comments!

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Here's what this painting would look like framed:

Abbey Ryan painting