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Still Life with Persimmon and Temmoku Bottle (+ Upcoming Live Demo)

Live Painting Demo - Tuesday, Dec. 1
If you're interested, I’m planning to conduct my free December 1 live painting demo from my studio. I will start painting around noon ET and I'll finish my painting by about 2pm. You can tune in (and ask questions in the livestream chat) by clicking this link: []. If you're new to my blog, you can read more about why I do live demos here. To find out more, sign up.

This persimmon was a gift to me. #gifts #grateful. Follow this link to see more of my still life paintings that were inspired by generous gifts from people in my life.

If you enjoy this painting, you may also like to see Still Life with Figs, Bleu Cheese, and Temmoku Bottle (the light, the shade) (2013), Still Life with Peeled Lemon and Temmoku Bottle (2010), or my other paintings of this handmade bottle made by Sequoia Miller. #potsinaction

Auction ending tomorrow at 10pm ET:
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