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Still Life with Glass Bottle and Moptop's Eggs (+ free digital posters/wallpaper)

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These eggs were a beautiful gift from our awesome neighbors (from their chicken named Moptop) who also gave me the honeycomb in my Apple with Honeycomb on Silver Plate and the eggs in my Still Life with Copper Bowl and Three Eggs (Homage to Chardin, 1732). #gifts #grateful. Follow this link to see more of my still life paintings that were inspired by the generosity of others.

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All of my poster downloads are available here:
  1. Earth Without Art is Just EH
  2. Art Enables Us To Find Ourselves, and Lose Ourselves at the Same Time
  3. Relax, Slow Down, Simplify
  4. One Goes As One Goes, Then One Shall See
  5. All Shall Be Well
  6. Magic Is Still Possible
  7. Art Washes Away from The Soul....
I hope you enjoy using these as your screen background.

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P.S. Where ever you are right now, I wish you and your loved ones good health and peace of mind. There are many people in need and so many helpers right now -- I want to say thank you to all public health workers and medical professionals. So grateful for your sacrifices and commitment.