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Still Life with Peach, Antique Silver Teapot, and Bird's Egg

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All of the subjects in this painting were a gift! This elegant silver teapot, a wonderful gift from my mother-in-law, has a neat story:

"Part of the Hopkins family saga: Granny T. rode the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad often between Philly and Baltimore. One hundred years ago, G. H. Thomson bought this silver plated pot as a memento of the days when railroads had elegant dining cars with heavy white tablecloths. The Baltimore and Ohio R.R. was selling off items because they no longer had the fancy dining car. It holds a cup and a half of tea water."

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P.S. I'm excited to share that I will soon be announcing details for a new last minute 1-day workshop in beautiful Boothbay Harbor, Maine. It will be on Saturday, August 4th. Contact if you'd like priority registration.

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