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Still life with Hand-picked Apples (Together Forever), 14x18"

Still life with Hand-picked Apples (Together Forever)
Oil on linen on panel, 14x18 inches, 2017
AVAILABLE - Contact me at for purchase information

If you're interested, award-winning cartoonist Jamar Nicholas (my friend) has a new book out. It is entitled LEON: Protector of the Playground -- a super kid hero graphic novel (144 pages, full color). You can order it here (available in soft and hardback editions; all orders can be personalized and signed by the author). Jamar's blog is a great place to familiarize yourself with his awesome work, and you can follow him on instagram and facebook. You'll see in some of the photos on social media that LEON could be a great Halloween (or any day) costume.

Auction ending tonight at 8PM EST:
Fortune Cookie with Blue Block from Patmos, Greece, 4x5"

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