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14 July 2016

Oncoming Storm, Fish Bladder Island, Lake Champlain, VT (+ Lax on Cezanne & artists)

This is the same Lake Champlain view that I posted the other day.

If you're interested, I wanted to share another passage from Pure Act: The Uncommon Life of Robert Lax (as I continue working on my the light, the shade project for my Johnston Fellowship):

"One year when I was in graduate school, I visited Lax on spring break and recorded a long interview with him, not because I expected to write a book about him but because I'd long wanted to record his thoughts and even his voice, and the assignment in one of my classes was to profile an artist. At the start of the interview, sitting in his small main room on a cold March day, he began talking about Cezanne. “Cezanne was only trying to paint woods as objectively as he could,” he said. “As he saw them. But in his paintings they appeared unique because Cezanne saw them only as Cezanne. This is why a writer should try to get things down exactly as he perceives them. What results will not be some non-personal 'objective' piece but a piece imbued with all that he is—how he truly perceives the world. When we see a Cezanne, we see what he saw in the landscape, and that opens up the possibility of his sensitivity to the world being awakened in us."

Source: McGregor, Michael N. "On the Road with the Cristianis." Pure Act: The Uncommon Life of Robert Lax. Fordham UP, 2015. 146.

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