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28 April 2016

D'Anjou Pear in Late Afternoon Light (+ Artist Mario Robinson's new book)

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I wanted to share the good news of the release of artist Mario Robinson's new book, Lessons in Realistic Watercolor. Mario is a contemporary master in every sense of the word. The book features Mario's amazing watercolor techniques and provides practical advice for artists of all levels. Richly illustrated, the book features over 100 of Mario's paintings as well as works by past and present watercolor masters, including John James Audubon, Henry Casselli, Thomas Eakins, Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Stephen Scott Young and Michael Lowery. Here's a link to the book, and a quote about it:

"I love this book. Mario Robinson is a contemporary master. With humility and virtuosity he adeptly guides us through every step of how to make a painting. He is giving a great gift by sharing his working practices and secrets. Robinson follows a long line of American masters who have used the watercolor medium to capture the nuances of the fleeting moment and the soul of the American sprit." ~Bo Bartlett

You can see videos and learn more about the artist here. Also, if you're in the New York metropolitan area, Mario is giving a lecture on his work and "Portraits in the American Tradition" at the The Florence Academy of Art (US) on Friday, April 29. I wish I could go!

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