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18 April 2016

Cigar (+ still life "gifts")

Click to view auction
(auction includes detail view)

Following the theme of painting things that were given to me, a friend gave me this cigar as a sort of request/suggestion for a still life object. This is my first time painting a cigar, though I did recently paint a pipe.

My live demo painting auction ends on Wednesday at 2:30 PM EST:

Still Life with Silver Cup, Red Pear, and Two Muscat Grapes
6x8 inches, oil on linen on panel, 1 April 2016
Click to view auction
(larger than typical auction paintings; auction includes several detail and framed views)

This painting (and my live demo) honors the memory of my friend, Jami. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Jami Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship at Arcadia. Read more. Also, if you look closely, there's one of my self portrait of sorts down the middle of the cup's reflections.

If you're interested, I posted many photos from the event (and check back because I'll be adding more), and I invite you to watch the 2 minute time lapse of my live demo:

Video and Photo Credit: Denise Henhoeffer, Arcadia University

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