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03 October 2015

Night Sky With Stars No. 2 (+ "Absolutely take this class!")

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My 1-week e-course "The Innernet" is now open for registration. It is January 6-12 and includes 2 live teleseminar calls with me, a phenomenal course packet, and 4 days unplugged (or 3 or 2 if you choose). Email me if you want a coupon code for you and 10 friends (to create your own innernet community). #InnernetMovement  #diveintoYourInnernet  #bethecloud  #digitaldetox

Here's some feedback from the inaugural Innernet class in June 2015:
  • "Abbey’s Innernet class is an enlightening confirmation about practicing your creative practice, without getting distracted by the virtual world, social media, emails, and texts. The true connection is about using your time to create and engage with the people in real life. The class confirms that Abbey's not only a Master Painter, she's a brilliant role model. A gracious thank you to a beautiful soul leading the way!" ~Tamara Gold,
  • "I enjoyed being off line more than words can say. Thank you for offering a course that gives us all permission to disconnect and more importantly reconnect. Absolutely take this class! I think we all just need a reason to give ourselves permission to be still." ~Kim Pechous
  • "I celebrate your generous spirit and your willingness to share and teach what life has taught you. I printed out your Official Course Packet and find it to be a fantastic resource of contemplative nuggets of wisdom and peace. Thank you for your inspiration and invitation to take my own Innernet journey - no expectations! Hallejulah! Freedom! What a wonderful gift you present -- spoken directly to one's soul!" ~Jenny Somers,

    Ending Tonight

    Still Life with Apple & Silver Cup - 8th Anniversary Daily Painting
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    P.S. If you're new to my blog, I've painted a few nocturnes before: in Havana, Cuba in 2012 and twice (here and here) in Maine in 2009.