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24 August 2015

Maine Lake in Heavy Fog (+ "a short amount of time")

Maine Lake in Heavy Fog
4 x 6 inches, oil on linen on panel, framed, 2014
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Here's some more feedback from one of the wonderful participants in my 2015 Sedona workshop:
"I've taken three of Abbey's workshops, all in Sedona. They have all been a wonderful experience. Initially, I took Abbey's workshop because of my frustration about wanting to paint but not knowing how to get started and really connect with the process. 
Abbey's workshops are so productive in terms of what one can absorb and accomplish in a short amount of time. I was initially attracted to her workshop because of my interest in the 'Painting a Day' concept and the smaller scale of the work seemed manageable for a beginner.
I love taking her workshops because I feel that I can connect with what and how Abbey is teaching because of the the honoring way in which Abbey coaches the students through their challenges and roadblocks -- which I find so supportive to my particular process. Abbey creates a safe, inspiring learning environment. 
Before I signed up for the workshop, I was worried that as a beginner, I wouldn't be able to keep up. At first I felt a little intimidated, but because Abbey works with people on the level that they are at, she made me feel that none of that mattered and I was able to focus more on what I wanted to get out of the class. 
I have to admit that the idea that Abbey was in O Magazine caught my attention as well as her spots on TV shows etc. But to tell you the truth, I just had a feeling when I studied Abbey's paintings and watched her demos that pulled me in. Watching Abbey's video demonstrations on line where fascinating to me and convinced me that she was the teacher for me. 
What I liked best about the workshop was watching Abbey paint, personal instruction, the supportive, creative atmosphere that she creates!" ~D. Cashman
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