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16 June 2014

Eggplant in Afternoon Light (+ New Video; + Sedona Workshop)

Thank you for the flood of wonderful emails regarding my knee. I'm so grateful for your support!

Sedona Workshop Thoughts
I wrote an update about my two remaining 2014 workshops, and I have received several requests to talk a bit about my recent Sedona Arts Center workshop. Tomorrow I'll post snippets of feedback from workshop participants. For now, I'll begin with some related thoughts that have to do with how I begin my paintings.

For me, painting is a daily practice and meditation -- one that is intensely spiritual, transformative, and personal -- and I speak about this in-depth during my workshops.

I find that every single workshop participant expresses how invaluable it is to experience my painting demonstrations, during which I explain my painting process from start to finish.

While there is good reason why it should be impossible, I am able to continuously talk while I am painting to explain my strategies, thinking, intuition, meditations, inquiry, reasoning, joys, ideas, challenges, color mixtures, struggles, questions, and so on.

Workshop participants of all levels share that they learn immensely during my demos because I explain everything from my first brush stroke to my last -- from an open-minded and non-judgmental place. They also say that it is equally as helpful that I occasionally do not have an explanation for something I choose to do in a painting!

New Video: Golden Series painting

In the spirit of these thoughts, the video below captures the first brushstrokes of my most recent painting (background: I shared about my Golden Series paintings in my last post).

If you're in a quiet place, during the 2-min. video you can listen to the pouring rain outside my studio window.

Click here to watch or you can view it below:

The auction for this painting ends Wednesday, June 18th at 12noon.

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