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05 February 2014

Golden Series: Tangerine, Lemon with Leaves, & Pomegranate (+ Feedback about Sedona)

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Since I introduced the series in August 2012, I've been periodically making paintings that are part of what I call my Golden Series. This is the first Golden Series painting I've done in a while, although I am frequently thinking about the works by Dutch painters Rachel Ruysch, Caspar Netscher, and Abraham Mignon (all of which I studied at the Uffizi in Florence).

Workshops Feedback
If you're considering my Artists of Yardley March 29-30 workshop or my Sedona May 19-23 workshop, here's some feedback about my teaching:
"A dream came true... I just got back from Sedona, taking a workshop with Abbey Ryan. I've been following her blog for years. I've always loved her work and getting to learn under her teaching was totally amazing and awe inspiring."   ~D. Denstorff
Debbie wrote me a beautiful thank you after that workshop. Here is just a snippet of it:
"You taught me things that have taken me a lifetime to learn. Not just about painting, but life. What you have given me is belief in myself that I know the answers. My art has given me peace in a world that doesn't always. You are truly a blessing in my life. It was so special to meet you in person. I do hope our paths will cross again one day." ~D. Denstorff

Thanks, Debbie! and be sure to check out her painting work here.
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