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Still life with John F. Peto's Copper Jug, Clementine, and Concord Grapes (+ Peto Museum Workshop Recap)

Collection of the Peto Museum

Two weeks ago, I taught a workshop at one of my favorite places: the John F. Peto Studio Museum.

I'm a bit speechless about all aspects of the experience painting and teaching at the Peto Museum, but setting up one of Peto's still life objects in my own still life set up was by far the highlight for me. Painting Peto's copper jug was surreal, and at the same time I felt grounded in his studio space and deeply connected to his artistic energy. It was truly an honor.

If you're interested, I found photos of a couple of Peto's paintings of the jug that I painted. Below is his painting "Pots and Pans" from c. 1880, which I found in the catalog Important Information Inside: The Art of John F. Peto and the Idea of Still-Life Painting in Nineteenth-Century America, by John Wilmerding, Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art, 1983. The exhibition featured sixty-one paintings by John F. Peto.

Here are photos of my painting demo, more of Peto's paintings, and the workshop.

Tomorrow, I'll post my other demo painting for auction and a bit more about the workshop.

Two other related thoughts:

1- My three latest trompe l'oeil paintings are on view at the Peto Museum through the end of December 2013. Here is a preview of the exhibition and artist reception.

2- In case you missed it, Art & Antiques Magazine published a fabulous article about the Peto Museum in last month's issue.

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