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Two Satsuma Tangerines (the light, the shade)

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I don't usually 'explain' my paintings. Today's painting is significant though, so I want to share that it is inspired by four things:
  1. Robert Lax's the light / the shade (see below)
  2. A long series of in-depth conversations with 3D artists about dimensionality.
  3. My notes from studying several works by J.F. Peto during my recent visit to the National Gallery.
  4. My notes from studying Willem Claesz Heda's Still Life with Oysters, a Silver Tazza, and Glassware during my recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
More on #1:
Thomas Merton is my namesake, Merton and Robert Lax were friends, Lax is my favorite poet, and Lax and my dad were pen pals when I was a little girl. I have a cigar box of their letters in my studio. I also have a wonderful stack of Lax's books (thanks, Dad). I've been reading the light / the shade over the last few weeks and it is one of my new favoritesSomething worth seeing in the photo above is that Lax inscribed the light / the shade for my family. Click on the image to see it better. I'm Abi / gail. 

Private Painting Mentoring Update
I am blown away by all your heartfelt applications. If you submitted one, you will hear from me soon. If you're considering working with me, the details are here. As always, email me with questions.


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