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Still Life with Olive Oil and Onion (+ GIVING)

4 x 3.5 in., oil on linen on panel
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Both of the objects in today's painting were given to me as gifts (my mom gave me the olive oil, which I've never painted before, and my sister gave me the onion). If you enjoy today's painting, please leave a comment here or share it with your friends using the links below (or tweet it).

Speaking of giving... 

It is on my mind, so today I'm writing about causes that mean a lot to me (you can find this on my website in the "Inspiration" section).

The two causes that I am working the most to support right now are Helena's Healing Fund and Casey's fundraiser for Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Also, if you'd like to check them out, here is my (current) complete list -- there are some inspiring things happening...
Nakashima Foundation for Peace
Potters For Peace (part of my Paintings of Handmade Pottery project)
Conservation Society of Pohnpei
Jami Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund
National MS Society
Quincy Lee Foundation

If you want to share, I would love to know what causes are on your mind today -- please leave a comment here.

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