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01 June 2012

Still Life of Three Pears with Leaves

9x12 in., oil on panel, framed

This painting sold at the Tree's Place artist reception last weekend. To leave a comment, click here.

Today I got to visit the Peto Museum again (my first post about it is here) -- this time to see the Art of the Sail exhibition. I highly recommend seeing it, if you are in that area (thru July 8th). The exhibit includes works by JF Peto, Franklin Dullin Briscoe, John English, Carl Buergerniss, Jane Castle, and Eliza Auth. The Museum is one of my favorites, all the work was stunning, and the most memorable works to me were by English -- worth looking up if you have a minute.

Workshop Update: there are 2 spots left in my Sept. 29th Artists of Yardley workshop. Register here (at the link, go to Education→ Workshops→ Workshops tab→ Scroll down to Fall 2012). To read more about my workshops, click here.

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