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07 October 2016

Pomegranate in Last Light (+ Steve Reich at 80: Still Plugged In, Still Plugging Away)

If you're interested, "Steve Reich at 80: Still Plugged In, Still Plugging Away" is a nice article about the composer Steve Reich and his relationship to technology. Here's an excerpt:

"'There’s no free lunch,' he said, musing on the trade-offs we make with technology. 'Whatever you gain, you have to realize that it's at some cost. And if you're not aware of that, then you are, in a sense, living in what we used to call a fool's paradise.'

Asked about ubiquity of technology today — a time when some even pay good money for someone to take their iPhones away — Mr. Reich responded, 'Well, that's the beauty of the Sabbath.' As an observant Jew, he unplugs every seventh day to take a break himself.

In 2016, when countless secular Americans are finding a need for 'unplugged retreats,' Mr. Reich still seems to have his finger on the pulse of the times...." [Keep reading]

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