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07 July 2016

Fish Bladder Island, Lake Champlain, VT (+ art and healing)

If you're interested in "art, medicine and disability," this is an interesting article, "Art and Healing: A Conversation with Katherine Sherwood" by Richard Whittaker in 2002:

"Katherine Sherwood has been on the art faculty at the University of California at Berkeley for many years. Hers is a remarkable story. Having first studied art history, Sherwood found her way into a studio practice and became a painter. Her work was being noticed in the Bay Area when she suffered a serious cerebral hemorrhage paralyzing her right side. Impatient with the slowness of rehabilitation therapy, she decided to go back into the studio and try to paint, having to use her left hand. The return to painting turned out to be the most healing therapy she could have imagined. She was soon painting again in earnest and, as many agreed, her work had become better than ever before...."

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