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Blue and White Sake Cup (present moment)

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I'm enjoying the light in my new studio, and this is one of my favorite cups on my still life objects shelf. I've painted this cup a few times over the years (first time in 2008), but never by itself.

Right now I am creating one of the most amazing projects I've worked on lately, and until I am ready to announce it (probably in March), here's another something I am reading:
"If we have mindfulness and concentration, everything we see and hear in our daily life becomes a Dharma talk -- a falling leaf, a flower as it opens, a bird flying by, the sound of a bird calling. We say that it is the Dharmakaya, the Dharma body of the Buddha, which is always revealing the teaching of the Dharma. 
When we feel refreshed and attentive, we can be in touch with the Dharma body and hear the Dharma being taught from moment to moment. We shall see that it's not necessary to put a tape in our cassette player and press the button in order to hear the Dharma. We can hear the Dharma at any moment." 
~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Present Moment, Wonderful Moment