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18 January 2015

Short list for my Contest to Win a FREE Private Painting Mentoring session

With almost 100 entries for my Private Painting Mentoring "contest," it has taken me a bit of time to carefully read through every submission two or three times. All of the submissions were so wonderful that I decided to share my short list to give props to these folks. Please know that I wanted to pick all of the submissions!

Short list (alphabetical order): Paula Adams, Artie Anderson, Judy Bell, Dan Bogdon, Beth Burke, Sheri Deitch, Lorin Dixon, Chris Emerick, Coleen Hester, April Hopkins, Angela Knoll, Gabel Kokinda, Sally Mervin, Flora Pinkham, Kay Stauffer, Catherine Twomey, Yvonna Walls.

I will be posting the finalists tomorrow and the winner(s) on Tuesday. 

For more information on my Private Painting Mentoring, click here.

Flight Level Three Four Zero
As a side note, I wanted to share this amazing photo that was emailed to me by a workshop participant who is a commercial airline pilot. He wrote, "I took this a few days ago over the Atlantic on the way to Delhi, India. Sunrise as we slipped over the Irish coastline from thirty-four thousand feet." W-o-w.

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