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29 August 2014

Private Painting Mentoring Testimonials

A limited number of Private Painting Mentoring spots will be open starting in early November. Apply now because spots are first come, first served & scheduled 6-8 weeks in advance.

If you're considering it, below is a recent Private Painting Mentoring testimonial:

I've posted recently about the last few spots in my upcoming workshops, but if you prefer private online instruction, without traveling to a workshop, my online Private Painting Mentoring may interest you. Over the last year, I've worked with painters in Europe, China, and across the US. I'm thrilled to mentor and learn from such remarkable folks.

If it's helpful to read comments from those who have completed Private Painting Mentoring, you can read feedback from some painters in the program (along with a profile on their work, used with permission).

It is an important decision to invest in yourself, so please read the testimonials. Here's more information:


  1. Private Painting Mentoring is an online program, so you can be anywhere in the world.
  2. Simple high-speed internet works just fine.
  3. Yes, I do happily work with non-painter artists.
  4. Read testimonials from Private Painting Mentoring participants here.
All my best,

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