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18 June 2014

Bowl of Cherries (+ Sedona painters)

Private Collection

As promised, I'm happy to share snippets of feedback from my recent Sedona Arts Center workshop participants. I'll post a few more tomorrow. If you're curious about working with me, a good place to start is to read more about my workshops.
"One of the most inspiring and surprising aspects of Abbey is this: she is much better read and traveled than I had ever imagined. This is someone who brings an incredible discipline, expertise, and reverence for painting. I could feel her energy the minute I met her and appreciated her unselfish sharing." ~C. Cason, Pasadena, CA
"Having attended Abbey’s 2013 Sedona workshop, I had no hesitations about signing up for 2014. I was excited for the opportunity to study and paint with her again, and the Sedona Art Center is a wonderful creative venue. 
Abbey’s demos are my favorite aspect of the workshop. I learn so much from watching her paint, and I think all painters would benefit from working with Abbey. It is so interesting to see her demonstrations in person, and her in-depth critiques are invaluable. 
Since the workshop, I feel more thoughtful toward my own painting process. I am more conscious of my choices in both set-up and subject matter. Abbey clarified several specific issues with which I’ve been struggling, and that feels huge to me. It’s like a fog has lifted in my world, and I am so appreciative.
Abbey always gives one hundred and ten percent. She is so thoughtful and considerate during one-on-one time with each student, and it does not go unnoticed. She is one in a million!"  
~D. McDowell,

Ending Soon: Golden Series painting

The auction for this painting ends today, Wednesday, June 18th at 12noon.

If you're interested, the video below captures the first brushstrokes of this painting (which is part of my Golden Series). During the 2-min. video you can hear to the pouring rain outside my studio window. Click here to watch or you can view it below:

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