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22 December 2013

PB & J (First of 2014)

Click to view auction (10-day auction ends on Wednesday 1/1/14 at 1 PM EST)
See below for two different framed views, along with two detail views. 
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This auction will be my first painting for 2014, as it will end on New Year's Day. I actually painted it yesterday during the exact time of the Winter Solstice.

A Note about my Free Poster:
I've decided to send out my newest free poster/desktop download on New Year's Day, too. :-) I may use this quotation for my poster, but I'm still deciding. I received some other good suggestions, too, so thank you for that! If you have a favorite quotation to share, leave it in a comment. Who knows, I might use it (and give you credit, of course). :-)

A Note about Workshops:
In case you are already planning for the new year, please note that my only 5-day workshop for 2014 will be May 19-23 in Sedona. I love teaching in Sedona; it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I also added three shorter workshops, which will finalize my workshop schedule for 2014.

A Note about Auctions:
I'm in the midst of posting a new painting auction every day for 10 days straight. Some auctions will last only 24-hours, and some will last up to 10-days. If you wish to give a painting as a gift, I can email you a "certificate" to present in place of the actual painting (until it's dry).

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Detail views:

Here's how this painting would look framed (two options because I loved them both):