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18 September 2013

Fig Halves with Spanish Cheese (+ My Upcoming Trip to Spain)

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This painting is in preparation for my painting travels in Barcelona next month. :-)

Upcoming Painting Travels
While I am traveling to Barcelona to paint, I'll also be looking into workshop venues because I am considering teaching a couple of "A Painting a Day" workshops in Europe this summer -- at the moment, I'm considering Italy and Spain.

Upcoming Workshops in Europe
Would you like to paint with me in Spain? (Do you live in or near Barcelona? If so, please email me because I would love to ask you about it.) To find out about this first, sign up for information here.

Would you like to paint with me in Italy? I've traveled to Tuscany and Umbria quite a bit over the last several years, and Italy is one of my favorite places to paint. More details to come later; sign up for information here.

Upcoming Exhibitions
I'll be posting my new larger gallery paintings soon. I'll also soon be posting three of my new trompe l'oeil paintings that will be exhibited at the Peto Museum later this month.

If you're interested, view all my Current Painting Auctions and Available Paintings.

All my best,

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