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11 June 2012

New Video - including a family collaboration

This new video is special to me because my talented younger cousin, Colin Ryan, created an original guitar piece to accompany the images. Watch below or here.

In the comments below the video, please share your thoughts on it -- in particular Colin's terrific guitar sketch. Watch the video and leave a comment.

Colin and I plan to collaborate on future videos as well (I love his work!) -- even as I write this, we are working on a time lapse video of my brand new yet-to-be-posted, Two Figs with Tenmoku Ink Bottle No. 2. I had the idea to videotape the process of doing one of my fig paintings because figs have such a short season, and, as a result, I paint them so rarely.

Anyway, when I'm working on new videos and other projects, I often post updates on Facebook and Twitter. Join those pages if you'd like. To see more videos of my paintings, visit my YouTube channel and consider subscribing. Enjoy.