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24 October 2009

"Paintings of Handmade Pottery" Project

View paintings from my "Paintings of Handmade Pottery" project here.

This painting continues the handmade pottery project I started with ceramicist Jury Smith back in January 2008. Jury's great idea was to create a dialogue between my paintings and handmade functional objects made by living, practicing potters. I recently painted one of Sequoia Miller's bottles (here, here, and here), and this cup is another piece by Jury Smith. I think this project is exciting and compelling on many levels. In the meantime, I am excited because I drew up some sketches and commissioned Jury to make me some bottle forms. In a small way, I hope we might pay homage to Morandi.

I've also decided that within this pottery project, I will donate a portion of each painting's sale to the organization, Potters for Peace. Check them out.

View paintings from my "Paintings of Handmade Pottery" project here.

Still Life with Cup and Sun Gold Tomatoes, oil on linen on panel, 6 x 8 in., 2009

1 comment:

Michele said...

i just love these pieces. Painting a pot is a wonderful idea, especially the beauty and depth of the glazes, tenmoku, shino, all the old rich glazes go so well with your beautiful painting. I don't know if i have posted a comment before...i meant to...i discovered your blog a few weeks ago and it has been so inspiring to me...for many years I made my living as a potter and explored forms and glazes in depth and developed a deep love of pottery. I have had to leave it behind but have the need for creative returning to painting now, which I left behind when out of high school inspired by daily painters, also, hoping to continue the deep appreciation I have for pottery and be able to find that avenue in painting...much thanks, a wonderful inspiring picture