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2 spots left in Coppini Academy (San Antonio) workshop - March 7-8

In case you missed it, there are a couple spots left in my upcoming painting seminar. I'm honored to have been invited to teach a 2-day March 7-8 painting seminar at the Coppini Academy in San Antonio. I titled the workshop "The Poetics of Painting" because we will explore the poetics and magic of painting and how spending time pushing paint around is a lifelong journey. We will talk through questions like, "how can a painting be simultaneously meditative and thrilling (or challenging!)?" The hope is that finding your place in this inquiry can motivate you to paint often and deepen your purpose on your artistic path. Join today to reserve your spot.

The Coppini Academy of Fine Arts, San Antonio, Texas, is a renowned art school that works to further classical, representational fine art by providing opportunities to view art exhibitions, participate in art instruction, and interact with artists from around the world.  Read more here.

If you're interested, here are some reviews of my past seminars, these photos give a glimpse into them, and this short film is about my approach to teaching.

Here are two reviews from painters who attended my seminar/workshops last year:

"Best class I have ever taken. Abbey is very generous in sharing her ideas, knowledge and experience. I haven’t painted a complete painting for a number of years…was feeling rusty. I knew there would be a lot of more experienced painters. I never really used oil paints and was unsure of the media. I especially like the demonstration in the morning and painting in the afternoon. I learned a lot from listening and watching Abbey. Overall, don’t hesitate [to study with Abbey], you won’t will feel intimidated, or inadequate….she is very welcoming, and supportive of all levels." ~MAS

"This was the most fun I've had in a long time! Abbey was so kind and thoughtful in her one-on-one comments. As a beginner, I was charmed and surprised by it all. After seeing how Abbey works, I have more confidence that I can do something good, too. I had only worked with acrylics before, and working with oils for the first time was rewarding. I saw that it's good to take time and work slowly, thoughtfully -- think about what you are doing before rushing in. I discovered the benefits of mixing colors carefully and working in layers, starting with the darkest values first. It was a revelation that you could do so many strokes with just one brush. And the smallest touch of paint can make all the difference in the world." ~BK

And this is just an excerpt of another review from a painter:

"Going into this workshop a bit anxious and reserved, I appreciated the calm, meditative, and supportive atmosphere Abbey created in the studio.

I appreciated the thoughtful and specific feedback I received from Abbey. I noticed that as peers asked her questions either about her own work or theirs, she was often quiet for an extended period of time as she carefully thought through her explanation before answering. I remember thinking how Abbey's silence was just another extension of her approach to painting; her answers were always mindful and clear.

I loved being able to watch Abbey work from start to finish on a still life painting. I gained so much knowledge from simply observing her, and found myself making connections about her process and technique from one day/painting to the next.

I learned so much in three short days! I could go on and on about working with oils, the medium, the brushes, the technique, but that wasn't the most impactful part for me. I entered the workshop on day one nervous and full of anxiety. I left on day three confident in my skills and ability, much more relaxed, and inspired to paint more. The positive feedback I received from Abbey (specifically in regards to my color mixing and drawing skills) was the affirmation I needed to push some of my own doubts away." ~EC

Join today to reserve your spot to paint with me in San Antonio. Or if you're not sure, read more reviews of my past seminars, check out photos of my workshops, and watch this short film about my approach to teaching. If you still have questions, feel free to email me.

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P.S. If Texas is not close to you, I will also be teaching in Philadelphia in June 2020 and New Jersey in October 2020. Info here.