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Apple with Leaves (present moment)

If you're interested:
"PARIS — A little over eight years ago, French investigators were stumped after a small painting by the Impressionist master Edgar Degas was stolen from a museum in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille.

The painting, a colorful pastel from 1877 depicting singers on a theater stage, appeared to have been unscrewed from a wall, but there was no sign of a break-in. The police briefly detained a night watchman, but then released him.

Years went by. The painting, titled “The Chorus Singers” and thought to be worth nearly $1 million, was nowhere to be found.

Until now."

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Here's another something I am reading:

"If we have mindfulness and concentration, everything we see and hear in our daily life becomes a Dharma talk -- a falling leaf, a flower as it opens, a bird flying by, the sound of a bird calling. We say that it is the Dharmakaya, the Dharma body of the Buddha, which is always revealing the teaching of the Dharma.

When we feel refreshed and attentive, we can be in touch with the Dharma body and hear the Dharma being taught from moment to moment. We shall see that it's not necessary to put a tape in our cassette player and press the button in order to hear the Dharma. We can hear the Dharma at any moment."

~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Present Moment, Wonderful Moment

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