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Mango, 2016

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It's a great honor that the renowned Lines and Colors published a review this week about my work. The article includes Charley Parker's curated selection of images of many of my paintings, and I hope you'll take a look. Here's an excerpt:

"'Focus', I think, is the operative word. Ryan's approach has always impressed me as contemplative, conveying a quiet sense of devoted attention. Her subjects are traditional — largely fruit, cheese and other small food items, often accompanied by pottery or metalware. These are approached in a manner inspired by 17th century Dutch still life, with objects emerging in deep chiaroscuro from dark backgrounds." Read more:

If you're interested, I painted my last mango painting in 2013.

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P.S. I've unplugged/ gone "offline" from January 8-11th along with the awesome group in "The Innernet." If you email me -- no worries -- I'll be sure to get back to you next week.
Excerpt from The Innernet official course packet