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25 January 2016

Cherries on a Copper Plate (+ The Radical Power of Humility)

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My Innernet course earlier this month was again really excellent -- with a truly wonderful and soulful group of participants. If you're interested, I plan to offer the Innernet again in June. In the meantime, you may enjoy this talk entitled "The Radical Power of Humility." Here's an excerpt:

"Years ago, I sat down for lunch, next to a young villager in India. As usual, I closed my eyes for a moment of gratitude before eating. As I opened them, I saw the most unusual thing -- this boy was preparing a bite from my plate. My plate! Seeing my confusion, he kindly explained, “I wanted a piece of your prayer, and so I figured the best thing was to be of service to it right now.” Saying this, he offered me that bite. Imagine hearing these words, and receiving that gesture from someone you’ve only just met..." [Keep reading]

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