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Cracked Egg (+ sharing the concept of "One Hour / One Painting")

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Recently, two of my mentoring participants specifically asked me for help in painting cracked eggs and PB&Js and other gooey things, so I thought I would revisit this popular daily painting subject. It seems I paint a cracked egg about once a year or so.

I wanted to share this article that a follower of this blog sent to me about Peter Clothier's book, Slow Looking, in which he "describes and elaborates 'One Hour/One Painting' sessions, an idea he developed to practice a different, more profound and more rewarding way of looking at art. It combines the practices of meditation and contemplation, asking participants to sit for a full hour in front of a single work of art. Slow Looking and 'One Hour/One Painting' are about learning to drop the baggage of prejudice and expectation at the door and taking time to really examine what is actually there..." Of course, this all reminded me of my motivations in developing my Innernet e-course (next session is January 2016 if you're interested). Clothier's “The Art of Looking” is an exercise in seeing. The idea was developed from the observation that viewers, in museums and galleries, spend an average of six seconds in front of any given art work, and often spend more time with the identifying label than with the work itself. [Source:]

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