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20 July 2015

Fresh-picked Onions from Red Earth Farm (+ a question I often get asked)

Private Collection

I often get asked "how do you do it -- how do you keep painting so much?" I have several thoughts on this, so I might split it up into a few posts. One place to start is that I attribute some of my ability to keep up with and continue to find joy in my daily painting practice in the studio to primarily eating a live food diet. Being that I often paint fruits and vegetables, this pure connection to what I eat creates an overall sense of clear-mindedness, vitality and well-being for me that significantly impacts my painting practice in a positive way.

These beautiful fresh-picked onions came in my Red Earth Farm CSA bounty recently -- this year's spring onions were here later (and were bigger) than last year. Incidentally, when I painted Red Earth Farm's onions around this time two years ago, I also shared my thoughts about raw food and its impact on my work (read that post here).

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