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Three Asian Pears in Late Afternoon Light (+ studio photos)

Abbey Ryan Original Oil painting
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As promised, I have some photos of my new studio to share with you. I'll post a few at a time in my Studio | World album.

The first few photos show the entryway. Hanging there is trio of original works: a little ink on paper painting of mine, a seascape of mine, and an original hand-printed and hand-signed letterpress print by Seth Godin.

Seth's print includes an epigram from his book, The Icarus Deception, that I read every time I walk into my studio. The first line is "You are not your career" and the last line is "fly closer to the sun." I posted a detail shot of the whole thing so you can read it, if you're interested.

All my new studio photos can be found here. Hope you enjoy, and I'll add more soon.

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