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Pomegranate in Last Light

Abbey Ryan Original Oil painting
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In my new studio (photos coming soon), it's new for me to have natural north light and woods outside my windows. As I am adjusting, I am seeing the potential for deep exploration with the north light. I'm not sure what this means just yet, but I do know that the low light in the late afternoon & last light reminds me of some of my favorite paintings by Rembrandt.

Speaking of which, I was planning to spend time tomorrow with the Old Masters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then meet up with the folks at Vasari. I came down with a head cold yesterday, so it will happen next month instead. Thank you for your awesome email inquiries about my upcoming visit, and I will be sure to post about my adventures -- I'm fortunate to live so close to NYC.

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Abbey Ryan Original Oil painting
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Abbey Ryan Original Oil painting