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Blueberry on a Wood Block (+ A Zen Quote I Like)

Blueberry on a Wood Block, 10"x8", oil on linen on panel, framed
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"Learning without practice is weak. Practice without learning is blind."
I read this quotation every morning.

I first heard it during Richard McKinney's lecture at the Philadelphia Buddhist Association (which meets not far from where I live). Richard attributes it to Shin’ichi Hisamatsu, who died in 1980 and was associated with the modern Rinzai Zen movement. Richard shared with me that he first heard this quote in Kyoto at Hanazono University, the only Rinzai Zen-based university. He also told me that the quote actually may harken to a previous source, perhaps from Chinese Chan masters from whence Japanese Zen found inspiration.

I may use this quotation in my next free poster/desktop wallpaper download (which I'll post next week).

If you have a favorite quotation to share, leave it in a comment here. Who knows, I might use it for my next poster.

Richard McKinney is Senior Docent at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology for the Asian galleries. He is a past-president and founding member of the Philadelphia Buddhist Association, a non-sectarian Buddhist educational organization established 1986. Richard serves on the Board of Trustees, teaches their monthly meditation class, and holds a monthly discussion group on meditation.

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P.S. I posted another #PaintingGuessingGame on facebook -- it's a cropped view of a famous painting, and there's a race to guess the artist! If you'd like to join in, visit here to find today's game, which is sort of in honor of the East coast right now. ;-)


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Here's how this painting looks in its frame: