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24 June 2014

Still Life with Moscato Grapes and Roquefort (+ Sedona thoughts)

Private Collection
(Below is a bonus Detail View of my "self portrait" reflection in this cup. 
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As requested, this week I'll finish posting a few more snippets of feedback from my recent Sedona Arts Center workshop participants. Here's two more:
"I loved the Sedona workshop and I loved learning from Abbey. She is a gifted teacher, and I made my living as a teacher, so I know! Watching Abbey paint was an inspiration I will always carry with me, and I treasured being able to see a fabulous painting emerge every day. As for my painting, I am going to explore oils again, explore still life and take more seriously the art of respecting the subject and materials in their time and place. It is the message I carried home.

Abbey's demonstrations are key. Seeing a painting develop and finish with commentary, and with a patient painter who encourages questions, is a privilege. Much can be learned by watching. It is also inspiring. Seeing someone paint makes me want to go home and paint like crazy.

Abbey's workshop has given me a re-boot. I have been doing the same thing for 3 years and I want to improve my 'painting' ability and composition building. Having demonstrations, fellow students and direct instructor feedback has helped me re-think my approach. I truly appreciated the other students as well. What a great group of people/painters.

Also, Sedona is a beautiful location and with nothing else to do but paint, learn, watch, and talk art -- it's one of the best uses of time I can think of.

Abbey is a remarkable painter and a gifted teacher."  
~J. Walker, (check out her work!)
"Abbey's workshop was just great. I had many apprehensions about driving so far for a workshop. To tell the truth, it was going to be my last workshop if it had been a "dud" -- but it was far from a "dud"-- it was exciting and very worthwhile. I found Abbey's instruction explained her work so thoroughly that I was able to grasp what she was doing and apply it to how I paint. I cannot recommend many workshops, but I would definitely recommend Abbey's to anyone who is interested in painting still life from life. Every aspect was very enjoyable. Abbey is a wonderful person and a joy to learn from."  
~M. Hershberger, (check out his work!)
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