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Bosc Pear on a Wood Block (+ a Museum visit yesterday)

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I wanted to take a break from posting about Arizona to share a glimpse into my time at the Philadelphia Museum of Art yesterday (I'll write more about Arizona tomorrow when I post my last painting from there).

It was a super beautiful day in Philadelphia, so I spent some time walking around by the museum.
When I go to the PMA, my first stop is always the Fantin-Latour paintings. This one in particular captivates me. I almost always fall over the barricade in front of the painting, just trying to get a closer look.

Yesterday, after that, I spent all my time studying a painting by Fritz Thaulow, a Norwegian impressionist painter. I started doing a quick sketch to try to understand some things about the painting related to value and pattern. I'll be there next week to either work on it some more, or start another study. If you're interested, here I am with the painting:

abbey ryan drawing
This reminds me. A couple months ago, I had an amazing visit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY. Next week I'll share some about my time with their William Harnett and J.F. Peto paintings. 

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