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19 June 2012

Why Make Art?

I had to post about this, and I hope you will, too. Yesterday, Seth Godin launched his first Kickstarter project. Watch the video below and join the movement (hurry before all the rewards sell out). 

So I could pledge the amount I wanted to, yesterday I released a new print, Three Cherries, in an edition of 3. I was just now drafting an announcement for the print when I received email notification that all 3 had been purchased today. My point: I hope you'll also consider figuring out a way to help this project make a big statement.

Finally, I'd like to share a bit about my own Kickstarter experience:

You might remember last year when I first used Kickstarter to raise funds for another artist for 
something crucial that would have taken a long time to save for. 59 people offered support, and the dream was realized. What was even better -- the project was a surprise! Over a year later-- it's just the tip of the iceburg -- but here is some creative proof.

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