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04 June 2012

Help [Updated]

[21 May 2012]:
...It's never easy to ask for help. For over two years, my college friend, Casey, has been facing a very rare form of breast cancer. (You might remember my painting fundraisers here and here). Today, she shared her story -- in hopes of raising awareness and funds for research -- and her cause is already spreading like wildfire on Facebook. If giving is not an option, please share the link. Learn more right here.

UPDATE [4 June 2012]:
This week I'm posting a painting to fundraise for this cause. In the spirit of Seth Godin's post and hashtag suggestion for his friend Amit Gupta, I'm boldly suggesting these hashtags for Casey#TheBrideWhoWoreAMask and #CureIBC

Please blog/share/like/tweet/re-post/retweet as much as you can!

Consider this: We raise $50,000 if 500 people give $100 (equal to $8.33/month for the next 12 months) - HERE is the info.