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11 March 2008

Baby Eggplant No. 3

4 x 6 in., Oil on Masonite panel

I'm posting this so late this evening because I spent most of today at the Frida Kahlo survey exhibition that opened recently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In his NY Times review of the exhibition, Holland Cotter writes, "Through her art, we travel her life, a shining path of high adventure and a Via Crucis of physical pain, political passion and amorous despair. Basically, she felt what we feel, only hugely, extremely, terribly. This is what makes her the people’s artist she is." The Times has an online slide show of some of the works/photographs in the exhibition (though the images, of course, don't do the paintings justice!). If you can, however, I'd recommend seeing the show in person. Through her paintings and photographs of her (and others), the show beautifully portrays a powerful, unassuming, and visionary artist.