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Golden Series: Strawberries, Blueberries, and Two Figs (+ Artist Charlie Ritchie)

4 x 6 in., oil on linen on panel
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This is my second painting from my new Golden Series (you can read about the series here). If you enjoy today's painting, please leave a comment here or share it with your friends using the links below (or tweet it).

Earlier this spring, I attended an inspiring lecture given by artist Charles Ritchie (he's also Associate Curator of Modern Prints and Drawings at National Gallery of Art in Washington DC). In his lecture “34 Years of Keeping a Journal: Notes on a Daily Practice,” Charlie discussed the journals that he's been creating continuously since 1977. These drawings/sketchbooks are inspired by the artist's home, and track his dreams and creative process.

When asked what motivates his daily journaling practice, I admire that Charlie says,
"It’s a great way to get sort of closer to yourself and take time for yourself especially in this kind of modern world where we are so bombarded with such clutter that you know it’s really important that we stop and breathe and look inside and see where we are, who we are, and what we are. 
You can see it as meditation or even exercise. It’s a kind of way of exercising one’s mind and inventive capacities and building on them and sharpening them in a way and being more and more in tuned with the world." ~Charles Ritchie, 2012 (source)
As I re-visited his website recently, I particularly enjoyed "Conversation with the Artist in his Studio" and I highly recommend it. Three-quarters of the way down the page, Charlie comments on "looking at the overlooked" (source) and how his works "resonate with familiarity for the viewer." As a long-time Morandi fan, his response piqued my interest: "Morandi repeatedly painted a group of objects with very slight changes. He was dealing with various internal states, and he projected not only his own experience but the universe upon those objects."

Finally, here's one of my favorite Ritchie passages: 
"My art makes me ask questions, and I hope it makes others ask questions. There's much more here than we let ourselves to see, more that what we assume is here. I am commenting on my world and myself."  ~Charles Ritchie, 1992 (source)
P.S. Thanks to Charlie -- a new goal of mine is to give a lecture in the year 2041 entitled, "34 Years of Daily Painting: Notes on a Daily Practice."

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